Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Am Gay

Let me first start by saying that Yes, I am a gay man, and I have known ever since I was a little boy.
I am madly in Love with a man named Adam, who I have happily spent the last 3 years of my life falling even more in love with each day that passes.
I have spent years in this industry keeping my relationship and my sexuality a secret as all through my career I have been told to "keep it to myself, it will do nothing good for your career".
Well I just can do that anymore, I have had it, and can't live this way anymore.
In recent times I have been so hurt and saddened by the fact that young men have been taking there lives because they live in a situation/community that not only didn't except them, but made there lives hell.
I can stand by anymore and watch this happen, and I won't.
We need to start standing up for each other, and when we see injustice happening get involved and make a difference.
The truth of it all is, We ALL deserve to love and be loved, we ALL deserve to be happy, and we ALL deserve to be able to live our lives with out fear and hate because of the way we were born.
Just as I think that should shouldn't pick on someone for there skin colour, beliefs, looks, background.
This is the time to make a change!!
To all those people out there, I Am Gay, and if you don't like it you can kiss my BEAUTIFUL ass!!


That One Girl said...

Mark, I know it takes a lot of gumption to come out and "jeprodize" your career this way. You know that we will all still love you! :-)

The Nerdy Katie said...

You totally made me tear up, you are wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

I adore you for being honest and telling the world who you are and how you feel! You are wonderful. I hope that lots will follow