Friday, May 25, 2007

Bambumoda Fashion Show - Toronto Week of Style 2007

So I walked in the Bambumoda show for Toronto Week of Style 2007 this week. It was a great show.
They showcased several collections from some amazing Canadian designers. At the event were photographers from the major news papers, TV crews from the local stations, and we were followed by star daily, and also by a few of the Toronto fashion magazines.
The idea of the show is to open up Canadian designers to international buyers, as well as showing what Canada has to offer to the press and the general public in the world of fashion.
One more great experience under my belt, and I sure did have a blast and this was just the first out of three :)


In search of the great picture

I have been having the time of my life over the past few months. I have had some of the greatest experiences and met some really cool people.
In the last few weeks I have been lucky enough to meet some really amazing photographers, and am re-building my portfolio.
It is always interesting going to meet a new photographer, as you are going into there space to work with them and you really done usually know them that well.
This week was perfect, I shot with the first two photographers , and they were wonderful, it was comfortable and easy to work with both.
I already saw a preview for both sessions and I am so excited because as we all know, a model is always in search of that one great picture.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Beautiful weather in the beautiful life

I have been casting a lot, as usual but I have made a point to walk to all of my castings because the weather has been so beautiful and sunny.
Not to mention that it is great exercise!
Life has been busy as always.
This past week I cast for a major clothing label.
I also had casting for two runway shows, a PSA, and a short film.
Also this week I shot the new CD cover for a Canadian band PB Futures. It was such a comfortable shoot with great people. I had the opportunity to meet the band and have a great night of fun.
Great projects seem to keep coming my way and I couldn't be doing better.

I am sure that the future will only bring big and better opportunities!