Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Last Supper" Shoot

This image is called the "Last Supper", it was taken by Ivan Otis, and was part of a series being done by The History Channel Canada.
The day started out bright and early, I was picked up and taken by van to Hamilton, ON in the industrial area. I got out and saw a huge complex and walked inside to see I huge backdrop and a projector in the middle of this massive wear house. I went through make-up and had fake teeth put in as the spin to the shoot was that it was Vampires at the last supper.
Then I went through wardrobe and basically had a leather corset put on along with a leather studded crown as I was to be the part of vampire Jesus at the last supper.
By the time I had gone through make-up and wardrobe I was really ready to shoot, we got on set and it was a fairly quick and serious shoot, most probably mainly due to the theme of the shoot. (If your wondering we are in front of a white film screen with a projector shooting the image around us.) I then also shot solo as vampire Jesus in gold chains and a gold leaf crown (photo to come soon).
All in all it was a wonderful day in which we were able to make some amazing photos, so as always I was happy for the job, and elated at the end result!

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